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Dream big because failure is not an option. You need a fresh approach to accelerate sales and lower implementation costs. This is what we do. Now, find out how we do it.

Smoke Free Marketing

No smoke and mirrors in our services; just aggressive white hat strategies while exposing the "black hats."

Crisis, What Crisis

When things don’t go as you planned, we will dig you out quickly.

Consumer Coding

Predict what your customer will do next and what they want before they know it. The data is out there, let us tap into it for you.

SWITCH Strategies

Based on the book SWITCH by the Heath brothers, make a massive impact with limited resources.

Acronym Mastery

AIDA, B2B, B2C, CMS, CRM, CRO, DM, PPC, PPL, PPV, PR, SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, UX, VM, WOMM. . . You get it, right?  We do!

Marketing Engineering

There is an endless ocean of opportunity waiting for you, limited only by imagination. Dream big or face certain failure.

Marketing Automation

From blogging and social posting, to reporting, many daily tasks should be automated to free up your time letting you focus directly on your most valuable customers.

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Wisdom - Knowledge - Creativity - Relevance. The right mix for any company.

25 + Years

25+ years in business across numerous business domains, cultures and job roles.  There is no replacement for hard work, experience and time served.

It’s About People

Nothing happens until something sells. Products sell when they connect with people. We connect you to the right people.

Blood, Sweat & Coffee

There is no shortcut or substitution for hard work and late nights. That's what we provide, so you don't have to.

Imagination & Empathy

Seeing yourself through the eyes of your customer is the creative key that unlocks your market. Contact us and let us get to know you.

Surfing Tech Tsunamis

Continual change and adaptation is the norm. Relevance is based on those who surf it and master it the fastest.

Size Matters

We are lean by design. If you want to throw money away at agency overhead, high rent offices and junior level execution please click away from this site now.






Make Your Move

You should have enough information at this point to find out more. Contact us contact form 


Let's drill down specifically to our deliverables (aside from happy clients). Here is our service offering.



Strategy is much more than just bright ideas.  It's vision and wisdom combined. It's the "whole" story of you: Who you are, Where you are, and Where you are going. Many claim to do strategy, but how many really have the knowledge and experience in psychology and philosophy to understand what it means to chart your course? We do!

N-Tiered Execution

After years of deep research and application, we can tell you that your purchasing funnel probably doesn't start where you think it does. Multi-Tiered executions and technologies are used to prime audiences long before they enter the traditional purchasing funnel. We implement multi-layered strategies, based on the latest in psychology-based market research and social behaviors.


It's impossible to implement meaningful social media unless you truly get inside the head of the customer and understand how they relate to your product or service. We are 100% sure your current social media engagement needs a little "therapy" and can be accelerated to new levels of authenticity.


Web Sites are almost free these days; however, true online business apps are software resources that execute on all the hard work of strategic and tactical planning. Our applications never get tired, cranky or show up late. They work around the clock pushing and pulling information and tasks so you don't have to. On the surface, they may look like a web site, mobile app or any number of applications, but the logic that defines them is much more.  Best of all they are tailored specifically to you!


Persona Management

From the senior executives to entry level employees, all are a reflection on your company, brand and product. The importance of an online persona and how it can impact your bottom line is often overlooked. Through various proprietary tools, marketing automation and methods, we align key personas with your brand objectives.

The Basics

Yes, of course we bring the basics, and then inject them with adrenaline.  You can expect full agency services of design, web development, programming, database, affiliate programs, display ads, and direct marketing as they are all tools and tactics of the psychology based marketing mix.

Software Skills

OK, here's the geeky list of stuff you may care about. We do. . . .NET, PHP, all flavors of JavaScript, most every flavor of Web Programing, Browser Plugins, Browser Toolbars, every popular Content Management System and a few you never heard of (Wordpress, Joomla, DotNetNuke, XOOP, PHPNuke, Moodle, Drupal), Flash, Video Editing, Auto Editing, Various Graphic Applications, LISP, MySQL, SQL Server, Data Modeling Applications, Windows, Unix. . . After 25+ years in business we've seen and done them all.


We are all about the human element and human connection but there are many tasks that can - and should - be off loaded to robots.  Our scope of services tailor software robots to run tasks such as reporting, desktop activities, content migration, and initiating specific marketing tasks based on any number of conditions.


Market Forensics

There is a dark world of lethal "black hat" marketing tactics whose only purpose is to bring down your business and extort money from your budget. Do you know just how easily your marketing metrics can be faked? Market forensics is an art that includes reverse engineering competitor's strategies, identifying false analytic data & social media engagement, sabotage & assaults against your brand and marketing efforts.

Alternative Media Marketing

The Alternative Media was once looked at as "fringe" media; however, in recent years it has exploded in popularity. The vast number of consumers flooding into these channels is something that can no longer be ignored. If you are looking to increase your market exposure at a lower cost of acquisition,  you need to contact us now before your competition figures it out. Continue Reading..

Pay Per Click

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote products and drive sales.  What you need is TMA's experience and knowledge to design, integrate and implement an effect PPC strategy. Otherwise, you'll be throwing money away.  PPC is much more than writing a clever ad or designing bid campaigns. It's also about understanding your market. Who, where, how and when they access the Internet; the sites they visit in addition to yours; and rounding a complete identity profile of your customer. For most customers PPC is about where it fits into your overall marketing mix because implementing PPC alone comes with some warning labels.

Search Engine Optimization

Some say SEO isn't relevant.  That may be true if your definition of SEO services is from 2008.  We have been developing and executing SEO strategies since 1999 and if there is a singular aspect that is a constant, it's that SEO strategies & tactics will change often and sometimes radically. Today, search engine optimization is in a continuous state of change as the search engines employ predictive, contextual and semantic results tailored for the individual user. TMA responds to this new environment by blending market place psychology and marketing engineering services. What if your site was as equally predictive to your clients as the search engines? It can be.






TMA Guild has been providing high level digital strategic communication since 1999. We've worked in multiple industries to become masters of accelerating technologies for maximum message impact. Along the way, we've also become experts in healthcare communication strategies.


It has been an exciting journey that keeps getting better.  While we started online communication in 1999, we've been in business since the mid 80's, starting with the emergence of PC computing.  While technologies have come and gone since then, the value of those experiences increases and still benefit our clients today.  This is something rare that few companies can boast. READ MORE HISTORY


Our approach is based on what moves people to action - we appeal to emotional motivators.  TMA directs the integration of digital channels with a mufti-tiered approach to fill the psychology based purchasing funnel. While people generally see themselves as rational beings making choices based on facts and data, neuro-marketing research says otherwise.  People are emotional and subconsciously aware of everything in their environment that defines ultimate choices.   Every day the brain consumes an ocean of digital information from phones, laptops, tablets, TVs, signage, game devices, cars and even vending machines.


The world of marketing, advertising and public relations appears in everything we do.  We walk out the door in the morning and present ourselves to the world. The way we look, move and the words we choose is our personal campaign.  Genuine and honest people achieve more and have longer lasting relationships than those who cheat and game relationships.  We approach our business and yours the same way, with integrity, respect and communication.


Enough about us!

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GuRu Goo

Just a few resources and tools to help jumpstart your strategy. We call it guru goo.

Basic Decision Analysis Tool

There are times we all get stuck between multiple options.  This is a quick and easy tool to help compare multiple business options.  Give it a try, it's free and private. Nothing is saved on our side.

Deep Decision Analysis Tool

Too often the basic tool isn't enough.  Features or attributes related to your choices have their differing priority levels.  In those cases you need to apply Multi-Attribute Utility Theory (MAUT) for a more refined direction.  The great thing about this tool is that it takes out the fog of emotions and feelings from the equation.